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Air Compressor Tubing

Air Compressor Tubing

    • Piping - Quick Lock Tubing

      Setting a new standard in piping.

      CompAir’s innovative system piping solutions provides superior strength with a lightweight design. Offering both small and large diameter piping, CompAir’s Quick Lock and Big Lock piping provides a system that is easy to install, while ensuring high performance and versatility.

    • Piping - Quick Lock Tubing - Air Compressor Tubing


    Quick Lock

    Using Quick Lock Tubing offers the high performance of traditional heavy steel piping at the cost of using plastics. The revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe and leak-free structure for all applications. Compatible fluids include; compressed air, water, vacuum and inert gases. Quick Lock provides a complete metal solution with bore sizes from ¾” to 2 ½”.

    Big Lock

    Ten times lighter than steel, Big Lock is manufactured from non-corrosive marine grade aluminum tubing that affords it the highest level of protection against contamination. Using the most highly accepted grooved fitting design; Big Lock provides a simple solution for large air/gas/vacuum users and is, without a doubt, the easiest and fastest system to install.  It has the lowest cost of ownership and the best quality of media delivery available. Big Lock provides a complete solution with bore sizes from 2 ½” to 6”.


    Quick-lock tubing’s high quality design works most effectively with compressed air, inert gasses, vacuum, automotive and manufacturing applications. Features include:

    • Simple installation - can be handled and installed by 1 person
    • Reusable - can be effortlessly disconnected and reconnected for reuse
    • Less contamination in the air stream when compared to black iron piping
    • No requirement for welding
    • No preventative checks or maintenance required
    • Quick Lock fittings are made from solid brass and nickel-plated to provide a strong and non-corrosive solution
    Piping - Quick Lock Tubing - Air Compressor Tubing Callouts

    • Marine grade aluminium construction prevents rust and system deterioration
    • Eliminates scale/corrosion from entering production equipment
    • Zero corrosion eliminates expensive production downtime and dramatically reduces maintenance costs
    • Smooth internal diameter of tube maintained throughout life of system
    • Ensures lowest cost of ownership of any piping system available


    • Minimum pressure: -14 psig
    • Maximum pressure: 220 psig